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R20 8,5+22 (6x139.7)
8,5+38 (6x139.7)

Rays DAYTONA F6 Gain

  • Код товара: Rays DAYTONA F6 Gain
  • Доступность: На складе

  • от 1 р. за комплект из 4 штук

  • * цена уточняется для выбранной комплектации

A new form of F6

Without changing the concave design specific to FDX F6, F6 GAIN now offers a long-leg appearance by downscaling the diameter of the center portion, which transforms the design to give the impression of a larger wheel diameter. The combination of an RBC/diamond-cut color, a TEAM DAYTONA first, with a newly designed small center cap adds a sense of luxury and beauty. F6 GAIN gives you a sophisticated, urban impression that differs from FDX F6.

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