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Rays HOMURA 2x9G

  • Код товара: Rays HOMURA 2x9G
  • Доступность: На складе

  • от 1 р. за комплект из 4 штук

  • * цена уточняется для выбранной комплектации


Achieving unprecedented height

With its lavish exterior, the LEXUS LX / LAND CRUISER 200, a flagship SUV, is a one-of-a-kind entity. The 2X9G is a new item proposed by HOMURA for such high-class SUVs. How can unbeatable power and beauty be added to the underside of a vehicle with such a dignified appearance? HOMURA, which is an expert in mesh cross spokes, came up with an answer that addresses all aspects from balancing spoke length, width, and thickness through to design with curves offering shadows and even decorative parts. The resulting finish offers extraordinary quality starting from the vehicle’s underside. The HOMURA 2X9G achieves a presence of unprecedented height. The “G” in the name’s suffix refers to it being grand, gorgeous, and great.

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