Доступные варианты
R16 5,5+38 (4x100)
5,5+45 (4x100)
6,5+38 (4x100)
6,5+45 (4x100)
7+25 (4x100)
7+35 (4x100)


  • Код товара: Rays KC DECOR A・LAP-P
  • Доступность: На складе

  • от 1 р. за комплект из 4 штук

  • * цена уточняется для выбранной комплектации


Forged × Maximum Deep Rim

Introducing the lightweight forged single-piece model A-LAP-P from KC-DECOR, a brand dedicated to K-cars and compact cars. With the pursuit of lightness and high rigidity a given, a deep rim form was embraced with a special focus on looks and a rim depth of the highest class. It highlights a striking three-dimensionality, even while being a narrow-size.

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