Доступные варианты
R19 8+45 (5x114.3)
8+38 (5x114.3)
8+45 (5x108)
8+45 (5x112)
8+38 (5x112)
R20 8,5+45 (5x114.3)
8,5+38 (5x114.3)
8,5+45 (5x108)
8,5+45 (5x112)
8,5+38 (5x112)
9,5+45 (5x112)
9,5+38 (5x112)

Rays Versus Craft collection V.V.5.2S

  • Код товара: Rays Versus Craft collection V.V.5.2S
  • Доступность: На складе

  • от 1 р. за комплект из 4 штук

  • * цена уточняется для выбранной комплектации

19inch FACE

20inch FACE


Limited edition color for the V.V.5.2S

The craft collection offers a markedly different brilliance than the normal color lineup. The shadows created by applying cutting to a design surface with a sputtering base result in a three-dimensional appearance that exceeds that of the design. The relief pocket (spoke-side hole), which is a design feature of the V.V.5.2S, has been further accentuated to evolve into a new, completely different five-spoke benchmark. We have also machined the VERSUS logo into the lightweight undercut part. The brilliance sparkles in seven colors thanks to a prism effect, realizing a totally unique appearance. We are currently accepting orders in limited sizes and items.

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