Доступные варианты
R17 7+48 (5x100)
7+42 (5x114.3)
7+48 (5x114.3)
7+55 (5x114.3)
R18 7+48 (5x100)
7+42 (5x114.3)
7+48 (5x114.3)
7+55 (5x114.3)
R19 8+35 (5x114.3)
8+45 (5x114.3)
R20 8,5+38 (5x114.3)
8,5+45 (5x114.3)


  • Код товара: Rays Versus VARIANCE V.V.5.2S
  • Доступность: На складе

  • от 1 р. за комплект из 4 штук

  • * цена уточняется для выбранной комплектации

17inch FACE

18inch FACE

19inch FACE

20inch FACE


The subdued but exceptional shine of "Frozen Metal Coating"

STRATAGIA VOUGE, representing VERSUS Design. We have established the standard for dress-up scenes with the "Cromo Italiano” color, which is an advanced, complicated design wrapped in typical high-grade sputtering, and the "Cromo Ibride" color, which emphasizes shading by surface processing. Here, the newly born "Frozen Metal Coating" is a matte-like metal coating color which daringly suppresses surface gloss by applying further dulling (cloudiness) treatment to Cromo Italiano. Depending on the light intensity, the radiance that resembles a cold glass varies from the shine of a mirror surface to a dull shine sunken into the mat. This newly established VOUGE has a sense of radiance and gradation that cannot be expressed by painting.

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